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PolyVers International Merges with VersaFlex

VersaFlex is pleased to share this website with you. is combination of the words Polyurea and Universe. They come together to form PolyVers – Polyurea for Your World.

Nearly a decade ago, VersaFlex established a special division called PolyVers to bring the best polyurea products, technical knowledge, training and application support to the global protective coatings industry. In doing so, the PolyVers brand and management team was instrumental in developing partnerships, strategic alliances, market penetration and polyurea product acceptance in nearly every corner of the globe.

Because of these market development and product awareness efforts, VersaFlex supplies polyurea and technical services to over 35 different countries around the world today. The PolyVers brand served the global polyurea industry well, and has since transformed into our larger and more recognizable global brand known simply as VersaFlex – The Polyurea People®.

The requirement for proper specification, installation and use of polyurea coatings and lining systems has not diminished. However, as the expansion of uses have increased, knowledge base has significantly broadened.

We maintain this website as a destination to share polyurea product information end-use markets, job profiles and links to the vast array of VersaFlex polyurea technical and marketing resources.

VersaFlex – The Polyurea People®